The Leesburg Humane Society, Inc., has been in existence since May of 1960.  There were a few years in the 1970's and early 80's when the Society was inactive.  The group currently operating the Society has been doing so since December 1986.


We operate a "NO-KILL" shelter.  We believe that if at all possible, an animal should not have to die for lack of a home.  Many of our shelter residents are aged, having been with us for as long as 10 years!



We believe the only way to stop the needless deaths of thousands of animals in Lake County each year is to stop the senseless breeding of unwanted dogs and cats.  To this end and through the generosity of the local veterinarians, we offer reduced rates for spaying and neutering to those who need financial assistance.

  • We are available to speak to local service agencies and organizations.

  • We encourage young people to become involved in local animal welfare.

  • We help in emergency situations such as hurricanes.



We receive no government funding or financial aid from any civic group.  We care for the animals utilizing funding from private individuals only.  We gladly accept donations of food and supplies, and of course, cash.  We have a shelter staff of four and welcome the assistance of volunteers.

You can donate with confidence using the Paypal button below.



Dogs and Cats are available for adoption fees of $80.00 for cats and $90.00 for dogs. Dogs are micro chipped.  This donation includes vaccinations and spaying or neutering.

Dogs are checked for heartworm and cats are checked for feline leukemia and feline aids.

Prospective adopters are carefully screened and home visits take place as often as possible prior to adoption.

A fenced yard is mandatory for the adoption of a dog.

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