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The Leesburg Humane Society, Inc. has been in existence since May of 1960. There were a few years in the 1970's and early 1980's where the organization was inactive. The group currently operating the Leesburg Humane Society has been doing so since December 1986. We operate a "no-kill" shelter. We believe that if at all possible, an animal should not have to die for lack of a home. Several of our animals are aged, having been with us for many years.


     We receive no government funding or financial aid from any civic group. We care for our animals utilizing funding from private individuals only. We gladly accept donations of food and supplies (please navigate to our wish list page by clicking here). We have an amazing staff and wonderful volunteers. We also operate a bargain store on Haines Creek Road (County Rd. 473) about a mile north of Highway 441. Because of the size of the store, we cannot accept donation of large items such as large appliances, bedding, and furniture, but gladly accept clothing, collectibles, dishes, kitchen aids, tools, etc. The bargain store is staffed entirely by volunteers. It is best to call before coming over as the hours and days may vary. The bargain store can be reached at (352) 742-2686. 

     Dogs and cats are available for a fee. We view this fee as a donation to our shelter. We do not charge a fee to "make money." Your fee covers spay/neuter and any vaccinations that may be needed prior to taking your new furry friend home. Our dogs are checked for heartworms and cats are checked for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. Prospective adopters are carefully screened and home visits take place as often as possible prior to or after an adoption. Please click here for more information about our adoption policies and requirements.


We believe that the only way to stop the needless deaths of thousands of animals in Lake County each year is to stop the senseless breeding of unwanted dogs and cats. To this end and through the generosity of the local veterinarians, we offer reduced rates for spraying and neutering to those who need financial assistance. We also operate a dog and cat food pantry We are always available to speak to local service agencies and organizations. We visit local schools when invited and present educational programs. We take animals to visit retirement communities and homes. We encourage young people to become involved in local animal welfare through our youth volunteer program. We cooperate with Lake County Animal Control in assisting with abuse and neglect investigations. We are part of the local and state Disaster Animal Relief Teams operated in conjunction with the Humane Society of the United States

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