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The Leesburg Humane Society, Inc Animal Bill of Rights:

  1. Right to feel safe: many animals that enter our organization come from a past of neglect or abuse or both. Every animal that resides at our shelter deserves to feel safe and secure in their environment. All members of our organization should always give their best efforts to help all animals feel safe at the shelter.

  2. Right to a clean and sanitary living area: all animals have the right to reside in an area that is clean and free of debris, disease, and waste.

  3. Right to a comfortable living area: all animals have the right to a comfortable living space and deserve to have a bed available to them or something soft that they may relax or sleep on if they choose to do so. No animal will ever be forced to lay on a concrete floor.

  4. Right to high quality veterinarian care: all animals have the right to receive the highest quality veterinarian care possible. This includes both routine care and unforeseen care that may be needed. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and Executive Director to ensure a high standard of care is afforded to each animal.

  5. Right to quality food and water: all animals have the right to quality, nourishing food. All animals have the right to fresh and clean water at all times.

  6. Right to not die alone: all animals, due to health reasons and when no other alternative is humanely possible, have the right to be accompanied by a member of the organization during their final moments. No animal at the shelter will pass away alone and afraid.

  7. Right to physical and mental stimulation: all animals have the right to play, exercise, explore their environment, and receive loving and positive attention/affection.

  8. Right to a loving home: all animals have the right to a loving forever home. It is important that all members of the organization try very hard to find the best candidate(s) for organization animals. If we do not feel like the animal and potential adopter(s) are a good fit, we have the right to refuse the adoption. We strive to get it right.

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