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Capricorn Cat (December 22-January 19):

The Discriminating Kitty

Capricorn cats are solid, dependable, and unusually well-behaved.  They are discerning about their food, living quarters and especially their humans.  But once they give their hearts it's for keeps.

The Capricorn feline may seem a little timid and reticent, but what may look like shyness is actually caution—except when it comes to heights. Their symbol is the mountain goat, so it's not unusual to see these furry natives on top of the refrigerator, in the rafters or on the shower ledge. The higher they climb, the more they think they can see. These natives are often frightened by things that don't bother their cat brethren: an inflated balloon or their own reflection caught in a mirror. This hyper-awareness does pay off, since cats and people born under the sign of Capricorn are the most long-lived.

Industrious cat

The Cap native is rarely frivolous and not the type to bat around a ball of yarn or squeeze into your lingerie drawer and sharpen her claws on your tights. But she will retrieve a crumbled wrapper or a wadded up length of mailing tape, unearthing it from behind your desk or under the sofa. Born under Saturn, which rules hard work, Capricorn kitties like to feel useful, whether it's by being a thorough mouser or sitting on your desk to make sure you keep working. They are the perfect office kitty.

Warm but no fuzzies

Your Capricorn feline is not obviously affectionate: there will be very little rubbing against your legs or gentle head butting. But when they adopt a human, their devotion is complete and they don't like letting you out of their sight—padding after you from room-to-room.

The best parents for Capricorn cats are Cancers, whose hearts are so big they won't be put off by these natives' aloofness; Virgos, who are equally cautious, and Taurus, who appreciate loyalty.

Most desirable qualities: neat, well-behaved, devoted
Least desirable qualities: aloof, particular, climbers

Aquarius Cat (January 20-Feburary 18): The Quirky Rebel

These cats are liable to outsmart you.

Just because the symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer that doesn't mean it's a water sign. Before you prepare a bath for your Aquarius cat, think again. The closest they want to get to water is watching spotted orange mollies swim around a fish tank on YouTube and swatting at the screen.

More smart than cuddly

At their core, Aquarian felines are proud hunters. Like the other air signs, Libra and Gemini, they are ruled by their minds not their emotions. Aquari-kitties may not want to snuggle under the covers or curl up on your lap for a nap. Instead, they will keep you on your toes. They are highly intelligent, inventive and wily enough to figure out how to unlatch the treat cupboard, pry open the cat door or avoid their next vet appointment.

Life of the party

Aquarius's ruling planet, Uranus, governs technology and science, so this sign's natives are fascinated with all things electrical. Even if that means getting tangled up in computer cables. Aquarius is the sign of friendship with a "live and let live" spirit, easily sharing their abode with a dog, turtle or anything they don't consider prey. They've also been known to wander into a neighbor's house and make themselves at home. Aquarians are super sociable so don't be surprised if they invite some cats down the block in for a midnight snack. Libra, Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius are good matches for these proud felines.

Most desirable qualities: friendly, quirky, intelligent, self-contained
Least desirable qualities: cranky, emotionally distant, rebellious

Pisces Cat (February 19-March 20):

Water Babies

Pisces cats are sweet-tempered, love water and think they are on this planet to make it a better place.

The gentlest of souls, a Pisces is everything you'd want in a cat. Graceful and unobtrusive, with the ability to appear and disappear at will. The 12th sign of the Zodiac is a psychic chameleon and can adapt his or her mood to their pet parents, intuiting exactly what is needed at any given moment, and almost always mirroring their human's moods. This signs' symbol is two fish swimming in the opposite direction, signifying that these natives can be both this and that: strong yet vulnerable, stable yet inconsistent, friendly yet moody, but always able to able to adjust to any situation.

Rain on me

Ruled by Neptune, these natives actually like water, and have been known to leap into a full bubble bath or insist on being let out in a rainstorm. These cats are extremely sensitive, some might even say psychic, and seem to know exactly when you plan to bundle them off to the vet or attempt to de-flea them. That's when they perform their own brand of magic by disappearing.

Big talkers

These cats are very vocal and excellent mimics, happy to carry on long conversations with their humans, which is especially important for those types who work at home and don't see a soul all day.

Homey snugglers

Pisces kitties are one of the least independent signs and born homebodies. They get along well with siblings and are especially bonded with their humans. If you have to leave them alone, make sure you don't put them in a kennel but hire a cat sitter who promises to stay in the house with them. Also leave them an article of your clothing so they can snuggle up to it. The best pet parents for this sign are nurturing Cancers, equally psychic Scorpios or Virgos who are mystified and entranced by them.

Most Desirable Attributes: human-loving, peaceful, even-tempered
Least Desirable Attributes: a little clingy, over-sensitive, don't like being alone

Aries Cat (March 21-April 19):

Fight for Your Right to Party

Aries kitties don't need company, thery're self-reliant and independent and need very little from their owners.

While cats are normally independent, an Aries kitty is the most independent of all, and resents any efforts to tame them. Fierce and more aggressive than feline signs, they're excellent hunters and will certainly keep the mouse population at bay. Very rarely are they sedentary, and they are not especially suited to being house cats, they'd much rather spend time outside, like the lions they imagine themselves to be. They have an inflated sense of themselves and are brutally confident, yet can be very loveable—on their own terms—and usually bond with a single owner.

Aries cats may act like they don't need love, but they lie

If they aren't in the mood to be petted they'll let you know it. A little aloof and not the cuddly type, they're possessive of their owners and territory and will battle with any wayward cat neighbors who attempt to wander into what they consider their domain. Sometimes taken to acrobatics and other flights of daring, they'll leap to the top of your refrigerator, insist on exiting the house through an upstairs dormer window or pirouette on the steep eaves of a roof (and with an audience, they're unstoppable).

Who's the boss?

The symbol for Aries is the ram, a male bighorn sheep who is a sure-footed mountain climber, and these Aries natives share that characteristic of their sign's totem animal. These cats-on-a-mission always seem to need something to conquer, something to protect or a reluctant human to win over. Don't give these fierce natives cutesy names. They're more suited to handles like Sarge, Rebel, Patton, Delta or Echo. An Aries cat is best-suited to parents who don't need constant affection from their pet, have firm ego strength and really know who the boss is. Ideally, a King of the Jungle Leo, a big-thinking Sagittarius or an equally aloof Aquarius.

Most desirable qualties: does not require a lot of attention, self-sufficient, entertaining and loyal
Least desirable qualities: temperamental, aloof, aggressive

Taurus Cat (April 20-May 20): A Stay-at-home Type

These Spring babies are happy doing nothing.  Don't expect them to be good mousers, but they are excellent companions.

Taurus cats like their comforts. They would be happy to roll up into a fuzzy little ball and sleep in the sun all day. They don't ask for much: a soft down pillow, warmth and food. They are not into athletics or even cat toys. In fact, many of them are happy to stay inside lazily watching a bird or butterfly outside their bay window, not the least bit interested in chasing them down.

Garfield must have been a Taurus

Taurus kitties are happiest when they're cossetted, indulged and well-fed. Think Garfield. Sometimes shy, they are very loving to their owners and are often a one-person cat.

Loving, but don't tell them what to do

While some cats can be trained, a Taurus kitty is not among them. They are independent and resist being forced to do anything. In order to move or act, they need to believe it's their idea. Can you outthink a Taurus? Probably not, but you can bribe them with food. No other sign is such a connoisseur, and they have an uncanny knack for convincing all the members of their household that they have not been fed. Take care that your Taurus feline doesn't gain weight since he'll shun exercise, it's up to you to monitor his caloric intake.

Big groomers

With their ruler in Venus, the sign of beauty, they are often obsessive with grooming. They like parents that don't try to force them to do anything and will accept their unwavering devotion; Capricorns and Virgos are the best match, as well as nurturing Cancers.

Most desirable qualities: unflappable and even-tempered, and are good with children
Least desirable qualities: stubborn, dislike change and loud noises, avoid exercise

Gemini Cat (May 21-June 20): I Want to Be Alone. And Then I Don’t!

Highly intelligent and charming, these natives sometimes lead a double life.

When you bring home a Gemini kitty, it's like getting two cats in one. While they aren't exactly the feline version of Jekyll and Hyde, they are prone to mood swings. One minute they are perfectly content curled on top of your laptop, only to get up and stalk out of the room in a snit, tail twitching and ears back. Best not to try to coax them out of their mood—they'll either ignore you or give you a look. They don't want comfort or understanding, they just want to be left alone. Never fear, soon enough they'll return to their happy, sociable self, acting like nothing ever happened. So please don't bring it up: they hate to be questioned, or worse, laughed at.

A double life

That said, these furry natives delight in their humans. In fact, they like the company of people so much they've been known to have two separate families who know nothing of the other, where they are fed, pampered and allowed to watch Animal Planet.


Smart and adventuresome

Gemini cats never act their age and are kittenish well into adulthood. They shun naps and would rather go out and prowl at all hours of the day and night. They do best as indoor-outdoor cats, and are so ingenious that they will figure out how to open doors, disable cat flaps or just charm their pet parents into letting them out. They get along best with tireless, free-spirited people whose feelings aren't easily hurt. Air signs, like Libra, Aquarius and another Gemini are best, as well as fellow mutable sign, Sagittarius.

Most desirable qualities: intelligent, charming, enjoy human company

Least desirable qualities: changeable, aloof, needs tons of activity.

Cancer Cat (June 21-July 22): The Huggable Homebody

A Cancer cat has a great need for security and frightens easily.  The term scaredy cat was undoubtedly coined after a Cancerian feline.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and these kitty natives are very emotional and sensitive. They have a sweet, affectionate nature but need a lot of attention. Usually bonded to a single owner, they don't like to let their human out of their sight and will often follow them from room to room. Clingy, needy and a little insecure, when left home alone they tend to hide under beds or curl up in the back of your closet.

Wary and scary

Cancer cats love their routines and dislike unexpected guests, so don't be surprised if your little fur ball runs and hides when someone new enters the home or hisses if a stranger dares to pet them. Moon child kitties are also not keen on additions to the animal family, wanting the humans all to themselves.

Hates change

Cancer's symbol is the crab, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they can get testy if something is changed in their world, whether it's finding a new kind of litter in their box or switching the usual brand of food. More passive than aggressive, they aren't above going into hiding or having a good sulk.

Hey you, get off of my tuffet!

The most sentimental sign of the Zodiac, Cancer kitties get attached to people, animals and objects, and will make you pay dearly (and often loudly) if you allow another one of the household menagerie to use their food dish or sleep on their pink fluffy tuffet. If the need arises to move to a new house, Moon Child felines will often refuse to go. Sometimes more attached to the home than the occupants. There are many incidences of new owners that have been forced to "adopt" the Cancerian cat because it kept returning to the house. They are best matched with cat parents who are equally sensitive and emotional, such as Pisces, Scorpios, other Cancers and Tauruses.

Most desirable qualities: deeply attached to owner, affectionate, sensitive
Least desirable qualities: clingy, doesn't like change, unadaptable

Leo Cat (July 23-August 22): Top Cat

A Leo cat is truly the king of beasts.  They are proud, a little superior and love an appreciative audiance.

When a Leo kitty agrees to adopt you, prepare to be upstaged. They are social creatures and love the limelight. Regal and proud, they don't have human or feline friends so much as admirers. They are natural performers and love to entertain, whether by executing daredevil tricks, like leaping on top of the refrigerator, teetering on the edge of a narrow fence (they love heights), or hiding the stopper for the bathtub. They have a tremendous sense of humor but not about themselves. Never ever make the kingly Leo the butt of a joke or try to make them put on silly costumes. Jeweled collars are the exception, of course.

Natural show-offs

While it's generally believed you can't teach a cat to do tricks, this sign is the exception. Although the real truth may be that these leonine show-offs teach their human parents how to do the tricks. Especially adept at fetching, many of them have successfully trained their humans to repeatedly throw a fuzzy mouse across the room.

Adore me!

Leo cats need to be respected, constantly complimented and fussed over. Ignore a Leo at your own peril. They will let you know what a mistake that is by sharpening their claws on that silk maxi dress you've been dying to wear or chewing through your printer cable. They are fond of grand gestures. What they won't do is pack up their kitty brush and move to the neighbor's house. While sometimes petulant or imperious, a Leo kitty is very loyal. The best match for cats born under this sign are human parents who don't mind being handmaidens to their cat's imperial tendencies, either a Pisces or a Cancer, or other fire signs—Aries or Sagittarius—that can stand up to their towering egos.

Most desirable qualities: Charming, entertaining, loyal
Least desirable qualities: Needy of attention, bossy and domineering

Virgo Cat (August 23-September 22): The Clean Cat

Virgo kitties are very low maintenance.  They hate to make a mess or trouble and always try to be well-behaved, unless you forget to change their litter.

Virgo cats would have their owners believe they are completely self-sufficient and nothing fazes them, but the truth is they are huge worriers. They crave stability and order, don't like loud noises or voices, and are unhappy if their routines are upset. While they usually appear calm and unruffled, they are prone to digestive disorders when they are anxious—if there's a new cat in the neighborhood that's intimidated them or loud construction going on next door, they are likely to vomit in your bedroom slipper or behind a door, hoping you'll never know, because they are hugely embarrassed about not being perfect. Or being messy.

Aim to please

More than any other zodiac sign, Virgo kitties want to please their owners and rarely act out. On the rare occasion that you might not clean their litter box often enough, they will try to bring your attention to the matter in the most genteel way possible, by going outside the box, but always neatly.

Great communicators

Ruled by Mercury, these natives like to communicate with their humans and will carry on long conversations if you let them. They are especially pleased when their humans talk back, making them the perfect pet for someone who spends a lot of time alone. They don't like frivolity or flattery as a rule, and are happiest when they feel they are being useful.

Good caretakers

Virgo is the sign of the caretaker, something these natives demonstrate if their humans are ill, refusing to leave their bedside. A Virgo kitty gets along best with Cancer, Taurus and intellectual Aquarius, who don't like touchy-feely pets as a rule.

Most desirable qualities: intelligent, low-maintenance, well-behaved 
Least desirable qualities: fussy, clean, anxious

Libra Cat (September 23-October 22): Lovers Not Fighters

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, these kitties are extremely affectionate and get along with everybody, human or otherwise.

Libra kitties are never so happy than when they're being adored. Lovers of luxury and beautiful surroundings, these love bugs appreciate being spoiled. Brushing their soft fur with long, slow, gentle strokes—with only the finest of boar bristles—sends them into spasms of pure joy, and stretching out on snow-white Sea Island cotton sheets, just after you've put them on your bed, sets their purr meter on high.

A little vain and sometimes fickle

They are a little vain, but not without cause. Libra is ruled by Venus, the sign of beauty, and felines born under the sign are usually well-proportioned, sleek and rarely overweight (after all, the symbol of their sign is the scales) and spend an inordinate time grooming. Libra is also the sign of relationships, and these fall babies enjoy the company of their humans or creature siblings. In short: they get along with almost everyone. But if you're the jealous type and want to be your kitty's one and only, you may have to look to a different month for a kitty soulmate. While they are very affectionate, they can be fickle, but don't like to be left alone.

A little lazy

They're not terribly ambitious and aren't especially diligent mousers. A Libra kitty probably won't patrol the grounds for neighborhood cat invaders; they would rather sit on a silk tuffet and look adorable. To be honest, they can be a little lazy, liking nothing better than to be waited on, carried in your arms and deposited into a pool of late-afternoon sunshine or being hand-fed kitty treats or tasty table food. While we all know that is absolutely a no-no, these natives are so charming and appreciative that you'll find you'll break your own rules just to get a sweet hand lick from these sweeties. The best cat parents for this sign are indulgent, attentive but not possessive. The best match would be other air signs, such as Aquarius and Gemini, or a fun-loving Sagittarius.

Most desirable qualities: affectionate, doesn't like to fight, easy-going
Least desirable qualities: needs a lot of attention, doesn't like to be left home alone, can be a little lazy​

Scorpio Cat (October 23-November 21): The Living Sphinx

Scorpio cats will never let you know what they are thinking.  Control freaks and mind readers, they are certain they are smarter than their owners.

Scorpio cats are a category unto themselves. They are clever, wily and always territorial. They are positive that they are smarter than their owners and very rarely, if ever, follow orders or do what is expected of them. Don't even bother calling them, because they never answer. If you're all right with that, or even amused by it, then this is the cat for you.

Not needy

Never needy, they are strong-willed, independent, courageous and self-reliant. These are the kind of cats that have no qualms about taking on a bear, an alligator or a large dog. But one word of caution: never call them cute.

Fierce protectors

While they may act aloof, they form deep attachments to their owners and are fierce protectors of them. They are also incredibly jealous and will go out of their way to terrorize visitors or even cat siblings who they see as competition for their human's affection. Hissing is the least of their offenses.

Mysterious mind readers

Scorpio is the sign of the occult and all that is mysterious so don't be surprised if your kitty seems to read your mind. There is no "seems" about it. They know before you even get the suitcases out that you're going on vacation and most likely taking them to the cat "hotel." And forget the visits to the vet. Once the thought crosses your mind, a Scorpio kitty is bound to go under deep cover and you won't find them until long after office hours. But don't worry, Scorpio is the sign of doctors and usually these natives are very healthy.

Don't think about embarrassing them

They are a very sensitive sign, although they hide it well, and if they think you don't take them seriously, or you try to embarrass them by dressing them in funny cat clothes, they will certainly wreak revenge, either by burying your car keys in their litter box or scratching a little message into your damask sofa. The best human parents for this sign are those who admire the Scorpio's self-containment and don't have a need to mother their pets. Aries, Aquarius and Leos are good matches for these little devil cats.

Most desirable qualities: aloof, jealous, willful.
Least desireable qualities: form deep attachments to their humans, self reliant, don't need much attention.

Sagittarius Cat (November 22-December 21): The Great Cat Hunter

These natives are friendly, spirited and always up for adventure.  They love people and you often hear pet parents say their Sagittarian cat thinks she is human!

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune and expansion. So no self-respecting Sagittarian house cat thinks he is just a house cat. He charmingly imagines himself to be a Bengal tiger or at the least a mountain lion.

Stray-cat blues

It might be wise to fit your little archer with a collar and a name tag, as much as it might dismay them. Sagittarian cats love to roam; they are explorers at heart and many of them come to their family as strays. They're so friendly and such colorful characters that they're hard to resist, and you certainly don't want some other household to "adopt" them. Leash training these little gypsy cats might also be an option.

On the hunt

Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer, always hitting the mark, and these natives feel like they have great purpose in life. Cat Sagittarians believe they were put on earth to track everything from butterflies, lizards and mice—even the big dog next door! Don't be surprised if they bring you home little "presents" from time to time. Thank them profusely for being such a good hunter and invest in a few furry mouse toys or a laser pointer for them to chase.

Sleepless in catville

Sagittarian cats are on the go from the minute they open their eyes, although they believe sleep is highly overrated, so they don't over-snooze. They are always up for a big adventure and don't mind if you have to drive there. Unlike the other 11 signs in the zodiac, Sags can handle car rides but cat carriers not so much. They'd rather sit on your lap while you drive or look out the window. The best parents for a Sag cat is an equally tireless Sagittarius, an adventurous Aries or a Leo, who's sunny disposition will be a good match for them.

Most desirable qualities: friendly, upbeat, comical
Least desirable qualities: roamers, tireless, dislike carriers

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