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A New Leash on Life



This is Cheri.. someone cut her ears off .. someone made her fight and she didn't want to.. her mouth was badly torn up.. they let a huge tumor grow on her belly and they never cared for her injuries or the tumor... then they threw her away.. and now she is with us and we love her and we are caring for her.. she is so meek and sweet.. she deserves the best from now on.  Her tumor has been removed and her face has been repaired as best as it can be.  The is a beautiful girl inside and out.  She deserves a very loving home.

Princess - ADOPTED


This poor little dog was brought to our shelter after a wonderful young woman convinced a person who obviously couldn't take care of her, to give her up.  Her feet were covered in fur and mats. We could not find where her ears started and ended.  We immediately started the grooming process. We had no idea what we would find under all of those mats. One eye was completely covered over.  She was so good. She never growled or tried to nip at us. The poor little girl needed a break from all of the stress of grooming her.  We took it slowly.  She was so grateful. We named her Princess because that's how she was going to be treated.  Now she has a wonderful home and is loved and cared for!  Success!!!

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