Dog Media

A collection of videos showing commands that some of our dogs know and other neat stuff our dogs do. Our volunteers have spent a lot of time teaching our pups some of these commands. Other pups came to us knowing these. We thought we should show off some of our "stars."

Athena, a 10 year old Terrier, knows the "sit" command

Tubbs, a 5 month old Catahoula demonstrates the "sit" command

Amanda, an 8 year old Lab mix is pretty good at "sit"

Peaches,  a 7 month old hound/lab mix out for a morning run in the yard

Lolli, an 11 year old Lab mix knows the "sit" command

Jake, a male Boxer/Chinese Foo mix shows us that he knows the ""sit" and "down" commands

Harry, a 4 year old Hound/Lab mix is having a blast with a new toy

Milo, a 1 year old Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Lab mix is showing off his "sit" and "shake" commands