LHS Newsletter - October 2019

0ctober 2019

Dear Friends…

After a very long and hot summer, we are looking forward to some cooler weather as we are sure most of you are, too!! The animals have seemingly coped with the weather better than we have, but because of the humidity as well as the heat, we have seen a huge increase in allergy and fungus issues… the cats, especially have been affected… and all of this has effected adoptions… many of the kittens have become half a year old now because it took so long to get illnesses under control… a number of kittens came to us with horrible eye infections, and several of them will have a non-functioning eye for the rest of their lives… but there are happy stories to share, too!!!

“Bianca”, a tabby cat who came to us in 2015, has a new home outside Umatilla… “Matti”, a Shih Tzu found on Hwy 452 in December, was brought to us by a nice man who saved the little dog from being killed on the road… “Matti” was over 10 years old and was in very bad condition… very matted and dirty fur and with several large tumors, he was very needy… but he was such a happy little man!! Not 3 days later another little, old female Shih Tzu was brought to us having been found in the same location… she was in even worse shape than “Matti”… we named her “Mitzi”… she, too, had large tumors – one that hangs almost to the floor from her belly… after weeks of care, they were looking better, but we were not sure the tumors could be removed… Finally, “Matti” was cleared for surgery, but little “Mitzi” was not… she has a bad heart murmur and the surgery would have to be so extensive, she might bleed to death…. In June a wonderful couple adopted “Matti” and he is now so happy and well cared for!! “Mitzi” stays here at the shelter and is also a happy little dog despite her medical issues….. “Thomas” and “Tinker”, kittens who came to us a year ago, were adopted together to a home in the Villages… “Buddy”, a Chihuahua mix, came to us in June… a happy little dog, we thought he would be adopted quickly, but when he went to be neutered a heart problem was discovered… the surgery went well and he recovered well and was adopted in late September… “ChiChi”, another Chihuahua mix, came to us when the owner brought her to us along with 2 other puppies… “ChiChi” is the only one who survived the horrendous neglect that the pups had experienced… and she was a fighter… after 4 months of care, she was adopted to a home in Groveland…. “Belle”, a tiny little dog came to us after the ‘rescue group’ that had her couldn’t care for her anymore… she was at least 10 years old and her teeth were in very bad condition.. after dental surgery she was adopted and is now being treated like a queen!! In June one of our board members heard of a dog in Pasco County that was very pregnant and the shelter didn’t want the puppies to be born there…. So we rescued her and she arrived with her day old puppies on June 26… the mama was a smallish dog that looked like a mini yellow lab and she had 10 puppies… “Joy” was a wonderful mama (we are sure she had had many litters before) and the puppies flourished… ALL have been adopted to wonderful homes!! “Pita”, a black puppy found just down the road from the shelter, has a great new home in West Palm Beach!! The young man was visiting his mom who lives in the Villages and came to the shelter with her and fell in love with “ Pita”!! and his mom later adopted one of “Joy’s” puppies!! “Pocohontas”, a beautiful kitten, was adopted from us in 2015.. she was returned to us in September… they didn’t want her anymore… now she is living in Leesburg and we hope this will be her forever home…

“Thor” and “Steen”, beautiful Catahoula brothers, were abandoned at the shelter by their owner who lives in Marion County… the dogs had been accused of attacking and injuring the neighbor’s goat so the owner of the dogs brought them here… they are very sweet, young dogs and would make great companions…. “Millie” and “Maya” were found the same day, having been left over the fence also… “Millie” has been adopted, “Maya” still waits… “Marshall”, a black lab bassett hound mix, came to us after a friend found him near Lake Griffin.. the dog would have been alligator food if our friend had not rescued him… “Marshall” is such a sweet dog!! “Donald” and “Ronald”, brindle puppies rescued from a flea market, came to us in September… “Donald” has a new home and “Ronald” is keeping “Freedom”, another brindle puppy who was left over our fence but ran and hid from us for 2 days before being found at a neighbor’s house, company…. “Freedom” is still very shy, but is very, very sweet!!

Since we are approaching the holidays, it seems like a good idea to let you know what we need…. Our greatest need would be for donations to help defray the cost of veterinary care and food, both of which have risen dramatically in the last year… We also spend $200+ a week on cat litter and we use the old fashioned clay litter…. Our donations from Wal Mart or any other store have stopped all together… recently we were almost out of dry dog food, so we put an appeal on Facebook and the response was so heart warming… now we have a big need for canned dog food… we always need canned cat food (Friskies, 9 Lives) Another big need is for help!! We need younger people to get involved and volunteer! We have a really hard time even hiring qualified people…

We are so very grateful for our shelter staff and for all our volunteers at the shelter and the Bargain Store… without all these wonderful people we couldn’t carry on… and certainly without all of you we would be lost!! Many of you have been with us for years and have seen us through some tough times… Folks like you are hard to find these days!!! We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us over the years…..

We wish everyone a Happy Halloween with lots of treats and no tricks, and we hope we ALL have a wonderful Thanksgiving… Christmas newsletter to come!!!

Love from all of us and much, MUCH love from all the animals!!!


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