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Helpful Information About Our Special Pets...



Welcome to LHS’s Special Needs and Overlooked Pets page. We wanted a separate page to inform you about these wonderful pets -- not solely to pull on your heartstrings, but to feature and celebrate LHS animals that, in spite of their challenges, have survived and are enjoying their lives.


We welcome you to get acquainted with our ‘dear ones’ who tend to get lost among the throng of cute kittens and puppies, or “normal” animals; these are animals who just need a little more exposure and focused attention to find their forever home.

Who do we consider a "special needs" or “overlooked” pet? A pet that has always been the one left behind, or who is physically or emotionally challenged in some way, or who has an impairment or limitation of one or more of its abilities—but not in its most important ability: the ability to give and receive love.

If you consider adopting one of these pets, we ask that you make a decision with your head and not just your heart. Some of these pets will require more attention, time, love, and in some instances money, than the average household pet.

Remember, when looking for a pet for adoption, consider one that is special. You will surely find a wonderful pet.

The Challenges


Special needs cats and dogs get passed over because potential adopters fear their disability will make them harder to care for, even though for some animals it makes very little difference at all!

Special needs animals can make terrific pets, often with normal life spans and minor accommodations in care routines. Overlooked pets may be shy or under socialized cats that do not show well in an adoption event or in-store shelter environment or they may be dogs who need time to establish a trusting relationship with a human guardian.

These dogs and cats would normally be considered “unadoptable” by most shelters, but thanks to LHS, they have a chance to find a home of their own.

Elderly Animals


Older pets are sometimes the hardest to place, but the rewards are great for the person who can provide

    • A warm spot in the sun for an elderly cat

    • A leisurely, daily walk for an elderly dog

    • A daily pill

    • A super soft bed

    • A heart to offer love through the final years

Whatever their situation may be, elderly dogs and cats are looking for a heart to claim, and a lap to call their own.

Abused Animals 


Abused animals may have been 

    • physically abused

    • abandoned

    • malnourished

    • not provide with proper veterinary care

    • deprived of interaction and kindness, or

    • generally neglected.  

Abused animals can be skittish and distrustful of humans. These dear ones need a safe and comfortable environment where their physical and emotional needs are met consistently for some time before they come to trust their new surroundings. Structure will allow them to thrive and be less anxious.


Many abused animals settle into a new home with relatively few problems; once they know they can trust and love again they can form strong and deep bonds which many people find especially rewarding. To share this bond with an animal that has been abused can be a humbling an awesome experience.

Disabled or Disfigured Animals & Amputees


We sometimes have dogs, cats, puppies and kittens with physical disabilities (e.g., a missing limb or eye); we don’t consider these pets to have “special needs”. They are simply a bit more vulnerable and sometimes need accommodation. They make fine house pets; as quirky and lovable as any others.

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